Near and Far: travel doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Planning ahead really affords me to travel with my kids. As the kids get older, it gets more challenging. This summer my eldest is doing his internship with a computer company for his summer before Senior year at Ball State University. My youngest is graduating High School next weekend. We won’t really have the ability to travel together for more than weekends this summer. Well, we make the best of it. Fortunate to be able to travel at all!

Here is our travel companion. The R-Pod 190. Sleeps 4, has a dry bath which means the toilet and sink are outside a shower stall. It take up a lot of room inside the camper but, for me, is worth it.

Our Podder

Weather it’s a day trip, a weekend, or heading to a local park or downtown, a local neighborhood home tour, a local restaurant I try to make the most of my outside time with family and friends. I also like to promote what I experience.