Baja Fish Tacos


Home Chef is kind enough to offer recipes of its meals that are delivered to your home. I have no need for that but LOVE their recipes! Here is the fish taco recipe I made tonight. Had to remove a bit of the tortilla so it’s not as pretty as it could be, but still delicious! I had some frozen Tilapia fillets I thawed overnight. I made my own sriracha and tempura.

The sriracha recipe is at I used rice vinegar, garlic, pancake syrup, salt, shallots and no chili peppers cause I don’t like hot. Next time I’ll add some Ancho Chili Pepper for a bit of spice. I also just simmered it down and skipped the straining, didn’t seem to need it.

I made the tempura with arrow root and flour instead of corn starch cause I was out, next time I’ll use the corn starch. I added baking powder, pepper, and an egg added water for the batter.

I just dumped all the cut up fish to the batter and added to the skillet with oil, cooked for a few minutes and flipped for a few more.

I bought a bag of slaw mix, added a bit of mayo, and Sriracha, and salt, not too much! I chopped a shallot, added lime juice and salt in another bowl.

Warm the tortillas with a wet paper towel in the microwave and add in the fish, slaw and shallots and lime. Yum!!!!

Since it’s just me, I have plenty for dinner tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!!!

Eat well and have FUN cooking!