Camping at Fowler Park, Indiana with the r-pod!

Fowler Park is on the outskirts of Terre Haute, Indiana on the western boarder with Illinois. The park is run by the county if Vigo. There is a lake with fishing, swimming, and you can have trawling motors and canoes, etc. but the lake is very small. There is a pioneer village and campground. There are 3 fingers of the lake that host electric camping spots, no water but there is a water source just past the dump station coming in and at each finger, but I’d load up the camper with potable water at near the dump station coming in. There are NO RESERVATIONS, and it is CASH ONLY! Be prepared. It is just around down the road 1/4 mile from Griffin Mountain Bike Park. There are 53 electrical hookups and 14 primitive sites. We had a 30 amp site, I’ve seen reports there are only 50 amp, we had the converter attachment just in case. The r-pods are 30 amp. It was actually cool enough that first night to leave the windows open on the pod, I tend to run hot so that is unusual. I actually slept very well,  which is also unusual. The newer bathhouse was nice:

We were able to get there at about 7:30pm on Friday and it was almost full! Lots of fishermen, families, and mountain bikers there for the DINO race, as we were. There is a KOA down the road a ways, we were hoping not to have to see if it was full or not. Our camp site had a lovely view of the cat tails. Not sure whey they only had them at our spot. But, it was a nice park none the less. It had rained a lot so we didn’t even break out the chairs. We played games and road our bikes around the lake. There is a swimming beach, pavilion available for rental, and a pioneer village that is pretty interesting, though all the buildings were locked up.

We got up and I fixed us some eggs and bacon in the Pod, bacon was sooooo good, we don’t have it often, but it’s so messy. Harder to clean up in the Pod, as is everything without a disposal. Always being water conscious. Have to wipe everything with paper towels and I re-use Kroger bags to store the trash.

We walked over to the Pioneer Village. Seems they created it by moving log cabins from all over. Lots from southern Indiana. There was a church, school house, mill, trading post, and lots more.

One of the cabins had burned down. I found this article about it.

Glad no one was hurt! Curious about the cause of the fire.

There is also this crazy ass playground at the park. We ventured in and immediately I was sorry. I hopped on to this circle thing and Noah came and pushed me around and I yelled for him to stop as I fell off the darn thing! Not sure how you are supposed to ride it safely but obviously I didn’t choose the correct way, not sure why I didn’t take a picture of it! Well, then he go on that swervey post with the green thing on top and it twists in circles at a speed where your feet don’t keep up with your body. Ha. That black maybe slide looking thing looked cool but it wobbled side to side, not sure how anyone walks up or down it. Maybe we should have hung around until some little kids showed us how to do it!



In the next post we venture into kayaking and the bike park! Stay cook, and venture on! ~Amy

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